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retrievable lightning plastic bow fishing reel has 50 feet of 80 lb braided nylon line. The reel incorporates a retrievable line feature and there is a mounting kit included. It mounts into the stabiliser insert on the riser or handle of your bow.

Easy to use "crank style" bowfishing reel with new simple "reel in" feature so you can retrieve your line quickly with built in winder.

Fishing line strips easily off reel due to its improved low friction design for high performance.

Durable and lightweight.

Bowfishing is the next best thing to fishing with a fishing rod.

  • 50 feet of 80 pounds braided nylon line
  • Retrievable line with built in winder
  • Mounts to your bow's stabiliser insert
  • Simple mounting - mounting kit included
  • Easy to use "crank style" reel-in operation
  • Line easily strips off reel
  • Low friction design
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Easy to follow installation instructions and bowfishing information is included


SKU: BG1025
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