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The Power Lock Pro is the most innovative bow hanger on the market, solving so many of the problems hunters have faced for years. Using Tree-Lock Technology, it can hold large amounts of weight without losing its strength. This technology includes a pilot hole spike that also serves as a locking system. The locking system keeps the hanger from twisting up and down and side to side while holding large amounts of weight. It also includes three convenient accessory hooks for holding all your gear while in the tree. The Power Lock Pro. A necessity for your hunting arsenal.

• Tree-Lock & Pilot Hole Spike

Tree-Lock Technology allows the hanger to lock into the tree and gives it the ability to hold extreme amounts of weight without losing strength. This product includes a spike for starting a pilot hole for the bow hangers threaded screw.

• 3 Accessory Hooks

The three accessory hooks hold all your hunting equipment in the tree. Perfect for holding your backpack, binoculars, grunt tube, jacket, or your range finder.

• Custom Threaded Screw

The Power Lock Pro's design includes a custom threaded screw. This screw is explicitly made for easy insertion into all tree types while using this bow hanger in the field.


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