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The HS4 is a newly designed scale used primarily for archery equipment. At LCA, we've built upon our knowledge and strive to make each scale superior to the last. We aim to make each scale safer, higher quality, more added features, and easier to use. This scale is extremely strong and durable, with a max weight rating of 110 lbs. It has an aluminum outer shell, peak/hold weight functions, a newly added let-off % readout, and an internal setting for weighing luggage, fish, or turkeys. With this scale, you can easily read your bow's peak weight, hold weight, or let-off % all on the scale LCD screen with one pull of your bow.

Super tune with precise bow weight measurements


• Precise, accurate, dependable

• LED digital display

• Peak + Hold weight readings (LB or KG)

• Let-Off percentage reading

• Strong and durable up to 110 lbs.

• Large hook for easy loop attachment

• Reinforced aluminum outer shell

• Luggage/Fish/Turkey weight function

• Scratch-resistant powder coat finish


SKU: LCHS41001
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