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Get ready for any unexpected situation with the Clutch Outdoors Life Tent. The Life Tent is an Emergency Survival Shelter that you will want in your survival pack at all times. The Life Tent is ultra durable, waterproof and windproof with it’s tear resistant material and sealed seams. The NASA designed thermal mylar will retain up to 90% of body heat when used as a sleeping bag or poncho. Additional uses include a shelter, SOS signal, water collector and/ or snow melt container.


  • Emergency Tent
  • 2 Pack Emergency Blanket
  • Paracord: Vibrant Orange Safety Color for High Visibility
  • 4 Tent Nails
  • Carry Bag
  • 24 Micron Mylar is 50% Thicker Than Regular Mylar Blankets & Very Durable
  • NASA Designed Thermal Mylar to Retain Up To 90% Of Body Heat
  • Military Strength: Tear & puncture resistant 24 Micro Mylar Material 


SKU: CO30011
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