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Epsilon Arrow Rest™

  • C.O.R. Mount™ Technology
    • Center-Shot Optimized Rest
    • Puts the arrow rest right behind the riser for a lower profile. 
    • When using the Mathews Bracket or C.O.R. Interface, the rest will be set to 13/16” center shot out of the package. 
  • Limb Actuated
    • Can be set up Top Limb Drive, Bottom Limb Driven, or Cable Driven. 
  • Micro-Click Windage and Elevation Adjustment
    • Ball-Detent system.  
    • .003 Per Click.
  • Three Stainless Steel Bearings
    • Gives smooth actuation and supports the full length of the carrier rod. 
  • Overmolded Launcher and Containment Bracket
    • New launcher design.
    • Quiet surface that doesn’t require felt. 
  • Rebound Dampener 
    • Manages launcher rebound and minimizes mechanical stresses.  
  • Low Profile Design
    • Allows for better quiver and cable clearance. 
  • Zero Tolerance Technology™ (ZTT)
    • Tighter tolerances eliminating lateral play in the launcher.  
  • Adjustable Launcher Position
    • Up and down stop positions that are adjustable independent of each other.  
  • Adjustable Torsion Spring Tension
    • Adjust the internal torsion spring to best fit your specific arrow choice.   
  • Delta V Arrow Guide
    • Holds your arrow when the bow is at brace.  

Included in the Package: 

  • Rebound Dampener
  • Mounting System
    • C.O.R. Mount™ Interface
  • Knobby Limb Pad and Riser Mounted Arrow Guide
  • Die Cut Felt
  • Limb Activation Cord
  • Instructions and all Mounting Hardware
  • 5/32” Allen Wrench


  • Width
    • 2.869”
  • Weight
    • Universal Bracket
      • 5.1 oz
    • C.O.R. Interface 
      • 4.0 oz


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