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Hang-It hangers, this kit includes a 24” flexible, rubber-coated extension wire that can be used to adjust your bow to your desired height. You can wrap the extension wire around almost anything and allow it to drop down in almost all blind types for hanger height adjustments.

The last item included is a threaded ring which can be screwed into most trees or homemade wood blinds. The Hang-It hooks directly in the ring and is ready to use.

 Hang-It and get ready for action.



Quantity - 3

Hang-It, Blaze Orange, Rubber-Coated, Hangers

Quantity - 1

24” Flexible, Rubber-Coated, Extension Wire

Quantity - 1

Threaded Ring



• Protect your cam from dirt and mud

• Rubber-coated hanger to protect any bow cam or limbs

• Blaze Orange color to help avoid lost hangers

• Hang your bow at any desired height inside your blind

• Hanging your bow in the blind breaks up the human outline

• Protect your arrow and broadhead from poking in the blind

• Screw-in ring can be used in trees or homemade wood blinds

• Hang-It and get ready for action


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