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  • Custom Enrage Replaceable Blade
  • Ultra Glide Bearings
  • Frame Lock
  • Superior Forged Carbon Fiber Handle
  • Pocket Clip
  • Dual-Sided Blade Case
  • Sheath


Bringing together one of America’s longest-lasting cutlery companies with the best-selling broadhead of all time, the Schrade Enrage Series provides an extremely functional and useful line of replaceable blade knives. Designed with Rage Broadhead Technology, Enrage Replacement Blade Knives are razor sharp and designed to endure. Perfect for breaking down a trophy or for those who desire an extremely sharp everyday carry blade, The Schrade and Rage Enrage Series has an option for users of all walks.

The versatile Isolate Enrage series features a full non-slip handle and comes in a 7” or 8” version with a 2.63” blade for the Isolate 7 and a 3” blade for the Enrage 8.  Stepping to the next level is the Phantom Enrage series offered in the Phantom 6 and Phantom 7 which feature a single-sided 2X2 carbon fiber handle with steel locking frame and a 2.25” and 2.63” blade respectively.  At the top of the line is the Stryche Enrage featuring an ultra-durable and eye-catching forged carbon fiber handle with steel locking frame and is available with either a 2.25” for the Stryche 6 or 2.63” blade configuration for the Stryche 7.  To eliminate confusion and keep replacement blade selection simple each Enrage model features an exclusive fit with Enrage 6, 2.25” blades fitting 6” models, Enrage 7, 2.63” blades to match 7” models and Enrage 8, 3” blades to pair with Enrage 8 models respectively.


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