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  • Custom Enrage Replaceable Blade
  • Ultra Glide Bearings
  • Frame Lock
  • Superior Forged Carbon Fiber Handle
  • Pocket Clip
  • Dual-Sided Blade Case
  • Sheath


Bringing together one of America’s longest-lasting cutlery companies with the best-selling broadhead of all time, the Schrade Enrage Series provides an extremely functional and useful line of replaceable blade knives. Designed with Rage Broadhead Technology, Enrage Replacement Blade Knives are razor sharp and designed to endure. Perfect for breaking down a trophy or for those who desire an extremely sharp everyday carry blade, The Schrade and Rage Enrage Series has an option for users of all walks.

Engineered to sever the thoughts of conventional replacement blade knife technology, the Enrage trio of knives bring together the best of both worlds from Rage and Schrage. Capitalizing on the design of the widely-popular Rage Trypan broadhead blades, each knife features a uniquely-designed scalpel-sharp .024” blade system custom-designed to fit the Enrage series of knives. This exclusive 420a stainless steel blade concept offers a narrow point and up to 20% more cutting edge than comparable models. In an effort to solve problems commonly associated with replaceable blade knife concepts, a proprietary locking system keeps the blades in place no matter the torque or pressure placed upon the locking mechanism. Driven by an Ultra-Glide steel bearing system Engage knives open easily with the flip of a finger, yet stay lock-tight when engaged to offer a rigid backbone that help get the job done — in the field or while at work.

The Stryche Enrage features an ultra-durable and eye-catching forged carbon fiber handle with a steel locking frame and is available with either a 2.25” for the Stryche 6 or 2.63” blade configuration for the Stryche 7. To eliminate confusion and keep replacement blade selection simple each Enrage model features an exclusive fit with Enrage 6, 2.25” blades fitting 6” models, Enrage 7, 2.63” blades to match 7” models, and Enrage 8, 3” blades to pair with Enrage 8 models respectively.

Adding to each knife’s versatility is a tight-gripping pocket clip that makes carrying easy and secure. Enrage 7 and 8 models will include a custom sheath purpose-built to both the knife and blade case, while Enrage 6 models feature only the pocket clip for a more streamlined carry solution.

Designed for those who demand the most from their equipment, the Enrage series an ideal option for hunting, fishing, utility, and everyday carry. Included with each model are six replacement blades and a dual-sided storage case featuring a blade removal tool and blade storage compartment.


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