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The Personal Bug Zapper by Skeeter Hawk is a rechargeable, portable, personal, pest defense system and is effective at killing all types of flies, moths, june bugs, no-see-ums, mosquitos, and thousands of other flying pests! Our patented dual-band UV light technology attracts flying insects better than other traps and zappers on the market. Once attracted, bugs are zapped by our 360° electrical grid. The Personal Zapper is micro-USB rechargeable and has a 100 lumen lantern to protect you everywhere you go.

For best results, set down or hang the Personal Zapper outdoors away from gathering areas to attract bugs away from the space your family utilizes. For complete protection against mosquitos (which when hungry, hunt by detecting the CO2 we breathe out) be sure to wear some form of repellent, like our essential oils wearable tabs.


• Zapper Only: 5 hours
• Lantern High Only: 150 lumens - 3 hours
• Lantern Low Only: 45 lumens - 9.5 hours
• Lantern High + Zapper: 150 lumens - 1.5 hours
• Lantern Low + Zapper: 45 lumens - 3 hours


• Durable ABS plastic housing
• Dual band LED UV light
• 360˚ electrical grid
• Micro-USB rechargeable
• 100 lumen LED lantern
• Foldaway handle/hook for versatile hanging
• LED charging indicator
• IPX4 water resistant
• 1 meter impact resistant


SKU: ZAP0001
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