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  • Adjustable trigger travel
  • Open hook design
  • Set trigger with a button
  • Foldback buckle strap


Calling to action design specifications usually reserved exclusively for handheld target release aids, the new TruFire Exert is purpose-built to help increase accuracy with a crisp and clean feel.  With its dual-sear trigger system the Exert index finger release aid leverages technology commonly found in the high-end releases used by competitive target archers but with new design DNA that’s as comfortable in the deer woods as it is on the range.  The result of the precision-milled internal sear system that eliminates “stack” of bow weight is a crisp trigger with micro-adjustable tension and travel with unprecedented feel in a hunting-style release.  The trigger is easily set with the push of a button, while the open hook design allows makes for fast and frictionless hookups.


SKU: T21300
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