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  • Rope style length adjustment
  • Buckle wrist strap
  • Crimping rope lock
  • Works on any hand held release – hand held only


The Wrist Assist wrist strap adds security and comfort to the use of a handheld release aids thanks to its simple and secure connection system.  The perfect solution for those who don’t want to have their handheld release in their pocket or hanging on a D-loop, the wrist assist keeps the shooter and their release connected at all times.  


The versatile system is easily connected to any TruFire handheld release aid via a flexible paracord that allows infinite adjustment and customization.  Leveraging the proven full capture-design of the TruFire’s exclusive TrapTab the Wrist Assist is easily connected to the shooter’s wrist without the need for a “third hand” to secure it in place.  The 10-hole buckle affords nearly 3.5-inches of adjustment making this a versatile option to fit the wrists of most adults and children in a soft comfortable design.   


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